How to control volume faders after volume automation

I want to control the active track volume fader with Midi Remote but after adding automation points this is not possible.
I know the Trim option but this involves activating and deactivating this function all the time to continue with automation.
My workaround is to add a gain plugin at the last insert in every track and assign a Quick Control to control it´s volume. Then assign the corresponding Midi remote button to control that QC in Active track.
This achieves perfectly what I want but isn´t there a cleaner way to do this? I mean a native (without involving 3rd party plugins) and simpler way to do it as this is the number 1 task we all need while mixing…


What about to use the VCA Channel?

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sure, but adding a VCA for each track isn´t neat…I like VCA to control a group of tracks.

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That’s what a VCA track is for. Select all the tracks you want to automate, right-click, add VCA group to selected tracks. Then write your automation to the VCA channel.


I don´t know an easy way to add a VCA track to each track other than going one by one, adding the VCA, renaming it…besides, the mixconsole has now duplicated tracks unless in visibility view I disable all the original tracks one by one.
This doesn´t seem to be the best solution, we are in 2023…
I could make a template with all these but the problem will come back with every new track I create.
Thanks anyway.

I don’t use “MIDI Remote”, but I do toggle Trim on/off frequently. I keep my automation modes for each track set to “global” and then I assign key commands to all global automation modes. So with one hand on the keyboard and the other on a fader I can easily go through the automation modes.

yes, that`s an alternative.
The other way I use it is with a macro that includes:
Fill to start
Fill to end
Activate/Deactivate Write for All Tracks

toggling this with a key command I enter and exit Trim mode.

But the best solution for me up to now is to add a Gain plugin at last in every track (already done it in my template) and assign a QC. This way with just one knob I control the volume of any track I select.