? How to Control where Cubase assigns .wav output (Delta66)?

Hi - I don’t know if I once knew this and forgot, or maybe never did learn it, but as of now I can’t figure out how to tell Cubase which SOFTWARE output in my sound card interface to route audio to. Just to clarify, this isn’t a question of how to route to the hardware outputs like the VST Connection (F4) panel does.

Specifically: my interface (a Delta 66 card) has a Control Panel display, with a SOFTWARE mixer that has 3 software track labels: WavOut 1/2, WavOut 3/4, and WavOut S/PDIF (just to clarify, I’m not talking about the Cubase Mixer tracks here, but rather the mixer in the Delta Control Panel) . Currently, when an audio track is played in Cubase, it seems to always generate activity in the WavOut 1/2 Delta Mixer track only.

What I’d like to change is to have the option of choosing on a track basis where in the Delta Control Panel Mixer a Cubase audio track will appear in (WavOut 1/2, WavOut 3/4, or WavOut S/PDIF ). I’ve looked everywhere I can think of: Cubase Preferences, Cubase Device Set Up, and the Delta manual, but I can’t find out how to do that :blush: .

Any help here much appreciated!

Thanks -

But that´s just where what you ask gets configured.

Hi thinkingcap … thank you for answering!

I went to the VST Connection (F4) panel again … my guess is that this is one of those “I can see but not understand” kind of moments, but … the only things I see there are options to set up busses for Cubase tracks to access HARDWARE outputs and inputs (in other words, the “Device Port” column references only hardware Os and Is).

Can you tell me what I’m missing/not seeing/understanding please - to get an audio track assigned to a specific SOFTWARE output in my Delta Control Panel mixer?

Maybe the RME Total Mix software is analagous in some fashion to the Delta Control Panel software … I took a look at your Total Mix software http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCH3qVaLL-I : at 1:31 how would you get your Cubase output to come out of the 2nd “Software Playback” channel, labelled “AN 3/4” instead of “AN 1/2” as shown? I’ve tried changing the Cubase routing (on the audio track) to hardware outputs 3/4, hoping that would change from my 1st “Software Playback” channel to the 2nd, but it didn’t :frowning: .

Thanks for your patience …

It seems that it is all in the driver for the device. If those other outputs/inputs are not showing up as possible routing options in the VST Connections, you may need to “enable” them in the hardware control panel. My sound card has the ability to disable inputs or outputs. If an input or output is disabled, it won’t show up in the VST connections.
I realize you are talking about “virtual” outputs that the software mixer presents to Cubase but it would still have to be the driver to create those virutla outputs for Cubase. Then the software mixer combines then and routes them to the physical outputs on the device.

Jaslan and thinking cap - thank you … I got it working!

What I didn’t realize is that the Delta card will link and map the “Device Port” hardware output (in VST Connections (F4) - Output) to the software output of the same name. In other words, the “Device Port” entry not only creates the Bus for hardware routing, but also creates a “software routing” bus that cannot be reassigned.

So, for example, if I have the Cubase audio track routed to Bus “XYZ”, and the VST connection maps Bus “XYZ” to Device Port hardware output 1/2 … the Cubase audio track signal gets automatically routed to the Delta Control Panel software mixer WavOut 1/2. Hmm, I don’t know what does the routing … Cubase or Delta 66 … but in any case it is automatic, and linked to the “virtual” mixer with the same name as the “hardware” output.

AND … there’s no freedom to route that signal to another of the “software busses” (like WavOut 3/4, or WavOut S/PDIF) without changing the hardware output assignment for Bus “XYZ”, as far as I can see (not that I have any need or desire to do that). It’s this part that I didn’t know about … I swear I read everything a zillion times trying to figure this out … can’t remember seeing it anywhere!

So, if for some reason I really wanted Bus XYZ to come out of software mixer track WavOut 3/4 - I’d have to make sure that Bus XYZ was bussed to hardware output 3/4 - there’s no “mixing/matching”!

Thank you again for your help! :smiley: