How to convert a quarter note to 3 triplet notes in a 4-voice texture

Screenshot 2022-07-01 at 18.19.40 (3)
Here is the note I want to change into what is shown in the clef above. I tried to use the knife tool and set the quantize to 8th note triplets but it just gives me 3 tied notes. What is the correct way to do this?

After the knife, you must use the scissors tool to split the tied notes.
Or more simply: cut the notes in the key editor with the scissors without first using the knife

Is there a way to input the notes from my midi keyboard by staying in the score editor? like if I delete that D note and use my controller to input the notes as triplets. How can I do this?

I prefer not to leave the score editor if possible unless it really is better

I saw there is a midi input function where you can select a note and punch in another note but it only seems to work with the same note length. Like if I select the D and activate “midi input” I am able to change the pitch but not to a new note length via my midi keyboard, It only adjusts the pitch. What other method might work within the score editor?

The MIDI input functions are described here:

BTW: I also use the score editor very often, but I almost always have the key editor open on my second screen. Since both editors are synchronized, I can use the best editing options in each case. The easiest way to make musical changes is in the key editor, while visual changes to the sheet music are of course done in the mScore editor.

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I meant using a mid keyboard not a computer keyboard but thanks anyway for the help :slight_smile:

Enable Step Input in Score Editor with the following settings:


and play the three notes on your MIDI Keyboard.

Thank you but in the image you have midi input selected not step input?

I don’t know what you’re talking about …

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