How to convert Cubase 3 files in a modern format


I am just a hobby musician with too little time and not enough talent. :wink:

After nearly 13 years of timeout I am thinking of starting again to do some music in my spare time.

I have a version of Cubase VST 3.0 (for Mac), which I purchased in 1996 or 1997. I have also the next update to version 3.5. I have several old projects from that time, which I would like to convert into a modern file format that can be used in a current DAW like Cubase, Logic Pro, Abelton Live etc. (…I only have Logic Pro and Abelton Live Lite at the moment…)

My problem now is, that although I have an old computer (Mac G4) that would be able to run Cubase 3.5 and Mac OS 9, I cannot install the software on it due to the lack of a disk drive, that is needed for the Master Diskette of Cubase 3.

I also tried to open an convert the files with the demo version of Cubase 4, but this version cannot save nor export, of course not: it’s a demo version.

What possiblities do I have? Is there any low cost possibility to convert these files? It’s just 20 or so files and I am not a pro at all to know about the various opportunties that might exist.

Any help is very welcome! It would be very nice to have some of these old songs again from my early twenties today to listen or even rearrange them again!

Best regards!

I have the same issue. Would be very happy with a solution. Maybe someone out there has an old setup running?