How to convert dotted eighths and sixteenths into quarter/eighth triplets?

Hi there,

I have a MIDI file of a jazz score which is supposed to contain quarter and eighth note triplets. However, Dorico displays them all as dotted eighths and sixteenths.
How can I get Dorico to convert the entire score so that it displays the original swing notation?

Dorico Pro 3.5.11 / Win 10-64 bit

Unfortunately Dorico doesn’t currently have a feature for straightening written out swing like this. This is something we hope to add in the future. You could try using the Edit > Requantize feature to quantize the music to eighth notes, but I suspect this won’t work adequately well. If possible, you might be better off requantizing your music in your sequencer before exporting your MIDI file.

Thanks, Daniel!