How to convert FXP (Halion 3) into VST3 (Halion 4)?

I want to convert my HALion 3 FXP library into VST3 HALion 4 presets.

As far as I have experienced I can import multiple FXP’s by dragging them (not the folder) into the MediaBay in HALion 4. That works, but all the samples are missing when I load a converted preset from the MediaBay into the Slot Rack. Am I missing something - other then the samples? :slight_smile:

I Have a big HALion 3 library and I was hoping to find a easy way to convert the hole library in one tag, like selecting the HALion 3 library folder and just convert it… Is this possible?

And is there a way to set some kind of “auto search” when the samples are missing so I don’t have to go thru this dialog every time. I am sure there are solutions for both issues… just cant find them after an hour of search. :slight_smile:

I was hoping I could just start the converting process and then go for a walk in the beautiful sunshine and get back in an hour or so, and everything would be ready for me to use in HALion 4!

I still hope so…


dunno if I`m talking about the same issue but have you seen this little arrow on the right top of media bay. Here you can import sounds and complete soundbanks from H3. Importing and registering the H3 standard library took me about 1 Minute. Importing Halion Symphony Orchester library works the same way btw. if you use it.

I also imported single sounds (the other decision in the arrow-menue) and H4 also didnt find the samples but opened a similar dialog box as in H3. Here I could release the data path where H4 could look for the missiong samples and H4 did the rest. Dont forget to save the sound afterwards (otherwise you get the search dialog every time you load this sound again). The imported sounds show up in media bay in the H3 group and in case they were tagged before you will find them in the browser when using the filters.

maybe this can help you,

kind regards, humphrey

Thank you humphrey.

Yes, I am aware of the import options in the MediaBay.

My issue is, that I have a bunch of FXP’s - 6220 to be exact - that work fine in HALion 3 with no missing samples. These are FXP i have collected over the years since the first HALion came around. Many of the sounds are sounds I have made myself and there are also sounds from my old Akai library.

So it would be nice to have an easy access to these sounds in HALion 4.


what I tried yesterday was to import a number of sounds in one take by simply marking then in the dialog (left mouse & ctrl). This worked so far. What I don`t know is how this behaves concerning sample search. The samples I imported used the same sample content so H4 only had to search once.

regards, humphrey

Well, I found a way to do it - the “not so easy” way to do it.

I can drag a folder with fxp’s in it, into HALion 3 and from there I can “Save HALion Content File” and then “Register” that file in HALion 4.

The file is saved as HALion 3 Content, and can have up to 128 fxp files in it - as far as I have experienced.

Ok, this looks mostly like a monologue … :wink:

I have finished converting my whole HALion 3 sound library to the HALion 4 VST preset format. Some of the sounds are from my private Akai S612 sample library made in 1985!

I really like the HALion 4!

haraldsson - how long did that take…??? :open_mouth:

I’m pretty much in the same position as you, so I’m really hoping for a solution to this in an update very soon. There must be a lot of people out there who would want to move their sound libraries from HALion 3 to HALion 4… :exclamation:

Does anyone (maybe an admin? :wink: ) know if there’s any attention to this from Steinberg?

Except for this I have to say that H4 looks pretty damn good! I’m especially impressed with the way you can browse/audition sounds - it’s SO much easier than HALion 3 and any other software sampler I’ve seen. Very simple - but great :exclamation:

It took several hours… :slight_smile:

But I have discovered a very easy way to use my HALion 3 FXP’s in HALion 4. I drag the FXP file directly into the “Slot Rack” in H4.

I had the problem that the samples sometimes where missing when I did that.

I solved that problem by running “Repair FXP Files” in HALion 3. You have to make a Key Command in H3’s “Options” “Edit Key Commands…” for that action. Then go to H3’s “Browser” and select an FXP, or several FXP’s, or a folder, or several folders with FXp’s and the hit the Key Command you made. This will update the selected FXP’s with the actual information about where the samples are so they are up to date.

It is also possible to drag several FXP files directly to H4’s “MediaBay” - that will import the files into H4’s Media Bay. This is very nice and fast, but I would like to take a whole folder of FXP’s and drag it to the “Media BAy” for import. This is not possible at the moment. This would be a nice feature in a coming update.

I really love the design an feel of HALion 4. Good work Steinberg!

Thanks for all this info, I am keeping it in mind for when I get my copy of Halion 4. I am wondering, can you audition H3 FXP in Halion 4? I would like to hear what I am getting before I drag over/import. I don’t really want to just dump random stuff without being able to hear it first. I would love to be able to actually browse and audition the FXP just like I do now in H3.

As far as I have experienced it is not possible to hear the HALion 3 FXP sounds in HALion 4 without importing them into the MediaMay. They are imported automatically when you drag an FXP into the “Slot Rack” in HALion 4. On the other hand it is very easy to rate the sounds in the MediaBay and sort the sounds you want to keep and delete the rest.

Thanks again for the clear reply, I really do appreciate it.

All very interesting. I am tinkering with Halion 4 now myself but find that the imported FXP in Halion 4 sounds different to the same file in Halion 3. This is a pain as I wanted to stop using 3 and move to 4 on a bunch of songs I am in the middle of. It’s mainly a lead guitar and the problem is the filter set ups I think. I can tweak the settings so that it sounds close but can’t get it exact.
I was hoping you could import previously made presets for Halion 3 from media bay but they don’t seem to be available. Shame.

i Rob,
Nico from Steinberg here. I am the developer who wrote the HALion 3 translation code for H4. I’d like to investigate your problem asap but I need a few more details.

We try to make sure that all sounds that are translated to H4 do sound as close to the original as possible but there are a lot of major changes in the general sound architecture and thousands of subtle tweaks inside H4 that always leave room for some details to be missed. Sorry if one of these details poses a problem for you.
We run a lot of manual and automated tests to make sure we got as much covered as possible but with a project this size there’s always the possibility that you miss something.

If possible, I’d like to take a look at one of the H3 programs you are experiencing problems with. I’ll pm you with the details.

Cheers, Nico

PS: If anyone else is having problems with presets from H3 not sounding correctly in H4 - please feel free to drop me a PM.

A humble apology is due to you Nico.

My FXPs didn’t work as expected in H4 because I was not changing them and saving them as FXPs in H3 - I thought I was saving them when I saved them as H3 presets, but H3 was just remembering the changes I had made within the seperate FXPs within the preset and not changing the actual FXPs themselves.
If I export my various instruments as FXP files and then import into H4, all is well.

I think the word is:


Thanks for checking this one out for me though.

Outstanding, Nico.

I, for one, am eternally grateful for you guys hanging around checking things in the forum, and responding when appropriate. That kind of “policy” is pure awesomeness, and is lacking or downright missing for many other companies. (I know it’s not official support and all that, but that does not take away the coolness of it!!! :wink: )

And even though this particular instance turned out to be nothing (which I guess is all the more kudos for you, mate) it still show that you guys are on the ball.

That was a long haul of “thank you”'s. :smiley: