How to convert rhythmic display of notation?

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How do you convert this kind of stupid notation in the Score Editor without altering the midi part?
I mean 2 legated 1/16 notes within the same bar can be written as a 1/8 note. I don’t even understand why Cubase is not converting this by it self, so how do you do this manually?

I also noticed a bug in the visual editor where it was impossible to select and drag some notes so they’re visually correct. This issue appears randomly but with the same group of notes. I can elaborate further if needed.

It may depend on a few things: time signature or other events probably not visible in the score.
First check the box for Cut/Rhythm in the extended toolbar at the top of the score and see if there is any hidden event at that position.

For your second problem, you will have to elaborate indeed.

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the Cut/Rhythm box and unfortunately it didn’t do anything at all. So I still have these useless duplicated notes which clutters the readability of the score.
Here is the full bar.
Screenshot 2021-01-14 124734

Also, do you know why when I click S it doesn’t solo the score editor like in the MIDI or Audio editor?

Ok there are several options to consider: Time signature settings, syncopation settings, Cut Notes tool.
In this case the simplest way would probably be to use Cut Notes tool

In general if you want to have less tied notes, activate a syncopation option in Score Settings>Staff>Main:

You can also edit your time signature to change the way the notes are tied.

As for the solo button key command, I don’t know! But you are right, it should work as in other editors. I will report that.

Thanks for the pointers. I’m not in front of the project but, the Slice tool will impact the MIDI notes right? As for the Interpretation Options, I have Syncopation Full, and the 4 remaining boxes checked.

For the Solo button you understood me correctly even though I wasn’t clear I was talking about the S key command and not the actual Solo button which works as expected when we click on it.

No, it won’t. :wink:

I’ve found out this searching for a similar problem to the Innervision one: I would like to split some notes in a syncopation to have four eight notes instead of two quarter but I can’t get the result; I tried all the suggestion I’ve read in this thread (Cut notes tool, syncopation settings, checking the in the toolbar)
Here’s a screenshot:
Cut notes
When I check the cut/rythm box I also get this :thinking:
Schermata 2022-06-30 alle 12.24.35
Thank you for helping,

Strange: Immediately after entering the few notes, I get this sheet music:

Depending on the syncopation setting, the notation changes as follows:

With the note grouping function, for example, such a display is also possible:

Start by removing all the Cutflag indications to see how the notes look.

Thank you very much P.A.T and Maestro!
I’d searched in the manual and in the forum before writing - as I don’t use Cubase score editor very much, generally - but I wasn’t able to find an answer…
I’ll try and I’ll let you know,

You mean this manual: Score Manual?

I mean the Score editor pdf manual I dowloaded with the software, I assumed it’s the same

@Maestro This did the main job! The strange thing, if I remember well, is that the cutflag writing appeared when I flagged the cut/rythm box in the toolbar; I hadn’t tried to cancel them but only to sow/hide withe box itself… When I did the ‘magic’ happened!

@P.A.T after I applied the Maestro advice I could test all of yours and they were all very useful!

Thank you again,