How to convert stereo track to mono?

New to Cubasis, have found can only bounce tracks by soloing them and mixing them down and reinserting into project. Did this to mono guitar tracks but resulting mixdown is stereo - how do I convert this stereo track back into mono as I originally had it?

Thanks very much for your kind assistance,

Sean Patrick Duross
Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Hi Seanduross,

Please give me a short workflow description to have a better understanding about your usecase.
Do you record several takes of a guitar track and want to mix the variations into a final master track?



You got it, my guitar playing is, uh, limited :slight_smile: tough to get one whole good take through entire song, so I’ll play through 1st part, get good take, on different track pick up from there, do 2nd section, then back to 1st track for 3rd section, etc. Afterwards I want to merge these two tracks into one main guitar track. Another moderator said only way to bounce tracks is solo ones I want, then midown, then import mixed down track. When I do this resulting track is stereo even though original tracks are mono. How do I convert this mixed-down stereo track back into mono?

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Hi Seanduross,

Thanks for the update.

I’d suggest to use Cubasis’ split tool (along with a useful grid setting) and create a final guitar track by shortening and arranging the good take snippets manually.



Yes, I’d like to know too. Lars, your answer is about editing on the timeline.

I think there should be an easy way to fuse spit tracks together (regardless of its source) as well as the ability to change stereo track into mono. It could be the enhanced “GLUE” button, which right now, can only undo splits from the same source track.