How to copy 1 measure in the keyeditor

Is there a way to copy a measure in the keyeditor to a another measure?

I like to work with the keyeditor stand alone with the computerkeyboard

  • What keycommands are possible/neccessary for this?


Yes, you can. You can use Copy and Paste (Ctrl/Cmd+C and Ctrl/Cmd+V). It will be pasted on the cursor’s position. You can Duplicate note (or grup of notes) by using Ctrl/Cmd+D. This will make copy, which starts after the end of the original event. You can use Repeat (Ctrl/Cmd+R), which ismore copies (you will write the count in the dialogue box).

And, if you make a copy, or duplicate, you can move it left or right by pressing shortuts too. For moving of selected noteúnotes left/right, you can use Ctrl/Cmd+left/right arrow.

Thank you very much for this

Well it seems that working in the keyeditor is not the solution for copying a measure with a “cutflag” in it
The cutflag was neccessary to get a tied note ( first give 2 notes a cutflag and then gluing them again together…gives a tied note )

This "cutflag"information is not present in the keyeditor, so i must go back to the score editor and “rubber band” the whole measure content and position the project cursor to the measure number where the new measure has to come.
With paste, than i get the same measure back , but it has still to transposed some semi tones up, befored it is finished.

note: melody constructing : de same measure repeated in pitch: a sequenze
Transposing the measure content seems to be not possible in the score editor and for this i has to go back to the keyeditor ( although, i am not sure about this ? )

So step by step note entry in the score editor is possible by me by combining both editors ( as told me here on the forum before )
But in my videotutorial i learned that the “display quantisize tool” works on the staff only, but not on the midi notes behind them…?

What has that supposed to be mean ?

For copying measures in the Score Editor, unhide the Bar Handles (from the Filter bar) and Alt-drag the handle at the top-left of the source bar to the handle of the destination bar. It also opens a dialog where you can specify which type(s) of events are copied. You can also select multiple Bar Handles, and copy/move them in a single operation.
a) Simple drag moves the source bar
b) Alt+drag copies the bar
c) If you add the CTRL/CMD while dragging, if the destination bar is already populated, the pasted data will be added (otherwise, it simply replaces the contents of that bar).

Thanks @vic_france!

That is really handy for the score editor : a source and destination bar with a handle