How to copy animation?

I often use animation with my VSTs but once i have recorded a short section of animation (eg 4 bars), and i want that to be repeated for the whole track, or wherever I please, how do I do that? Short of recording the animation over and over again, which you can imagine will be tedious.

I hope this is possible, can anyone help?

You mean automation…?
Depending on what exactly is going on in your project, and the software used:
-Use the range tool
-check automation follqws events, and copy the events.

yes, sorry I meant automation

okay, but if automation doesnt follow events, how do I make it so that it does?

you activate it in preferences

I cant find it in preferences, what tab is it under?

You should consider adding some info in your signature so people don’t have to guess which version of Cubase you are using. Computer specs, operating system, etc.

Try the “Editing” tab in Preferences for Automation follows Events. That’s what it is under in Elements 7, anyway.

oh okay got it, thanks guys