How to copy audio from audio track and paste audio snippet to new track

Sounds simple but when I select range from original audio track and paste to new track I then export the new track with the snippet I want and the WAV file exported is 650 MB and the audio snippet is no more than 2 seconds so that can’t be right. It is like it is actually copy the entire audio track to the new track and when it exports it exports the entire audio track of the original. What am I missing here. This has got to be a simple solution I am missing. I just need to extract short snippets of audio from the original track and export them out to individual WAV files to work with then.

I think this most excellent post by @Johnny_Moneto might help.

And follow up with this:

If you have Cubase Pro or higher you can select all the audio events you would like to save as a file and go to the File menu → Export → Selected Events

Thank you…but when I do the Export → Selected Events I end up with huge file (650 MB) for the 2 seconds of audio. So it sounds like I need to the Audio → Bounce after I highlight a selection from the audio event and select Replace to create a new audio event that is just a copy of the short snippet I want and not referencing the original audio part I got it from.

That doesn’t sound right.
I just tested on my rig, Windows 10 Cubase 12 Pro, and it works as expected.
Can you post a screenshot of the export dialog that pops up when you export selected events?

Here’s what I just used:

Thank you for the reply. I will do the Export-> Selected Events just as you did and retest this and post a screen shot of my Export dialog.

I cannot even Export → Selected Event. It is greyed out and not available. What am I missing here? I have an event selected but…what next?

I am running Cubase 13 in Windows 11.

Ok…Duhh! You cannot have the track muted and Export the event. Unmuted and now Select Event is enabled!

My Export->Select Event dialog is the same as yours…just 16 bit instead of 24 bit.

Hopefully somebody with Cubase13 can test this. I have only C12 and there it creates shorter files.

I tend to just split the clip into ‘pieces’ then Ctrl+Right Click over the section I want and choose ‘Bounce’ then the new clip is available in the pool (and explorer).

Or am I missing the OP’s point?

Thank you all for the replies. I simply had to unmute the track with my audio clip or event I had copied to the track and then do the range select just to the event length instead of leaving the range selection for the whole original audio, which is over one hour long and hence why the short clips were 650 MB for everyone of them I would export. So now the files are like 400 K so problem resolved. I will try the Ctrl+Right Click to bounce the audio to file. Great help! User training issue.

Bounce will create a new file, any fade-in, fade-out, event gain, etc. will be imprinted into the new file. Real time plugins on insert or send slots will not. If that is ok for you and you do not need to define a name, save location, bit depth than Bounce is a good solution. Otherwise Export Selected Events is the way to go.
Cubase gives you the choice.

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