how to copy CC to AUTOMATION ?


i have a CC (modulation)
i’d like to copy it and paste it to the automation curve called “Velocity shift”
is there a way to do that ?


select all automation points, copy/paste

edit: hmm, ok, they should be selectable…
-open your midi file
-bottom left, choose to display the CC u want in the controller lane
-select all points
-rightclick , Functions, Extract midi automation
-close the midi file
-see all points in the automation lane ( u need to show automation for selected track)
-select all automation points


euh … the CC i’m talking about are in a MIDI region.
it’s not selectable as the points from an automation.
anyway i tried to copy the CC and paste on any automation lane but it does nothing.

It’s a two-stage operation…
Select the MIDI Part, then, MIDI Menu>Functions>Extract MIDI Automation.
You should now have an active Automation lane for CC#1 (you’ll see the curve, and when you hover over it, you’ll also see the individual nodes)
Open a 2nd automation lane, and set it to “Velocity Shift”
Using the Range tool, select all the CC#1 automation, and just drag the selection down to the Velocity Shift lane.

thx ! that’s a very good feature. made my day.

and use the method described above to copy it to other tracks in the arrangement:P

Hi there, just wanted to revive this as I wonder if there may be a more straight forward solution to copy CC data between midi events (rather than between track automation lanes)? I am only just getting my head around the two different approaches to midi automation after reading this thread (Question about CC's in Key Editor/ automation lanes) ie: the two different approaches to editing what I think is essentially the same data(?) - but I don’t think I have a solution for copying cc data between events (rather than automation lanes).