How to copy cd text, isrc codes etc?

I rendered a montage with isrc codes, cd text etc, and opened it as a new montage but the codes didn’t copy over.
I then tried to make a cd report, saved it as .csv, and imported that to the new montage. But only the titles and isrc was imported,
So - how do I get all the codes into the new montage ?

There are a number of ways to render in WaveLab, so more info is needed. There is no way to even guess with the small amount of info given here.

It also depends which version of WaveLab you’re using. Some changes occurred for version 11, saving a few steps compared to WaveLab 10 or earlier but even with WaveLab 10, it was automatic with the right settings.

When I render an Audio Montage with these settings, all markers, ISRC codes, CD-Text, etc. are automatically carried over to the resulting Audio Montage, with the plugin processing baked in of course. No need to save a .csv or re-import data. It’s automatic. The montage is essentially the same but with the processing applied, ready for rendering track by track or other tasks.

“copy markers”… - of course :face_with_peeking_eye:
Thank’s, Justin - again :slight_smile:

No problem. Let me know if that actually solves your case. If you’re on WaveLab 10 or older, you also need to select the cue sheet option. Even though you don’t need the cue sheet, WaveLab 10 and older needs the cue sheet to transfer the info. WaveLab 11 doesn’t need it.

I know they’re not short but everything is in the videos I’ve done over on, as well as all the Render Presets and other things which can end up saving a lot of time.

Render Presets are one of the best features of WaveLab.

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