How to copy Color Preferences from one Computer to other?

Guys a little question,

The color preferences are stored inside the Defaults.xml file, or there are in a separated file? I was changing some setups in laptop’s C7 and I want to copy them to the studio’s one.

Ps: Would be nice some kind of “export preferences” button!

Aloha d,
and what a great question.

I tried hard but could not find a way to do what you asked.

So as a work-a-round I took a 'screen shot ’
from C6 of the colours I wanted
(with their associated setting numbers)
and then opened a new project in C7 and
input the numbers.

From then on any new C7 project now opens with those new colours.


After doing all that (even with the precise setting numbers plugged in )
if I set up C6 next to C7, the new colours still don’t look quite the same
as the old.

—go figure

Good luck!

store preferences preset (in preferences window down left) name it say"distante pref" then locate it in c: -> users-> “user name”-> Roaming-> cubase7_64(or32)-.presets->configurations(windows PC ) there u gona see the saved file “distante pref”

copy to same location in studios computer then load it from preferences window…
(the same u can do for key commands c: -> users-> “user name”-> Roaming-> cubase7_64(or32)-.presets->KeyCommands)

maybe there is an easier way but that should work

Thanks for the tip guys, I’m on my way to the studio.

Fingers cross


Well for some reason the distante pref files don’t appear but I remembered this: from Phil: