How to copy drum notes to a new pitch in a different drum track?

I have two drum tracks using Groove Agent. The kit for track 1 has drums in octaves 1 and 2 (C1-B2), and the kit for track 2 has drums in octaves 1, 2, and 3 (C1-B3). I want to copy some notes from C2-B3 from the second track to the first track in the Drum Editor, but an octave lower (so C1-B2) because that’s where the drums are in the first kit.

How do I do this? If I just select the notes and copy them into my paste buffer and try to paste them into the first track in the Drum Editor it won’t paste because there are no drums at those notes. (…but it does let me draw notes there in the first kit. Why does it let me draw notes there but not paste notes there?! If I could paste them there I could easily move them down an octave.)

What’s the work-around for this? Thanks in advance.