How to copy key commands, macros and preferences?

Hi guys,

I just set up a new Mac OS X installation on another hard drive and now I’d like to copy my key commands, macros and preferences but I have no clue how. With googling I found out that key commands can be copied by looking into /“User”/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/Presets/KeyCommands and I’ve actually found my preset there. Now when I go into Cubase and open the KeyCommands option, I can’t import it because it asks for a .key file and the preset I found is an .xml file :question:

Can someone please enlighten me? :smiley:


Aloha T,

To transfer KC’s etc from my desktop to my laptop
what I did was to make a copy of my entire Cubase ‘Preferences Folder’
and put it in the same place/location on my laptop.

1-From the Finder go to:

2-Locate the Cubase ‘Preference Folder’.

3-To make a copy ‘option/drag’ the Cubase ‘Preference Folder’ to the desktop.

4-Put the copy in the same location on the new machine.
and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

By default there will be a Cubase Preference Folder already there.
Just replace it with the one you are moving.


Hey curteye,

you solved my problem :slight_smile: I figured that I’d do it this way too, but it seems that the “import” function in the KeyCommands preference in Cubase is useless then, isn’t it?

Did you ever save your key command prefs? That’s what creates the key file (at least I think that’s what does it, it’s been awhile since I did this).

I think the general operation is that the preferences dialog updates the xml file that is used on each start of Cubase. You have to save those configurations by using the little disk icon on the pref/key command pages. That will pop out files for you to import later.

EDIT: what you did by copying is replace the default files that Cubase uses on start up.

That import function is indeed a relic from other millenia. :wink: (so it no longer creates a .key file, just an .xml file)

Though it isn’t documented, the way to ‘import’ KCs is to save a KC preset, and then copy it from the old /Presets/Key Commands/ to the new /Presets/Key Commands/

It’s better because it creates a preset file rather than a regular Key Commands file (difference of one line of xml) and permits you to keep things organized, especially if you want to have more than one set of KCs, e.g., if you want to bring your own KCs to someone else’s Cubase setup, or vice versa.

Ahh good to know that the “.key thing” is a relic and I’m not doing anything wrong then. Someone should tell Steinberg to remove it :smiley:

Thanks a lot guys!

Someone has! :slight_smile: