how to copy license to two USB elicense dongles

i understand the arguments.
And as such i can live with a dongle, more even since the policy has changed in to a one time replacement if lost.
But the dongle + unique license is still not practicle.

i can say that i am considering what you said in the first post. Get AI. That is in fact a very nice idea. 48 audio tracks is more then enough for a complete gig. (backtracks) 16 supporting instruments tracks is a bit of a bummer though. But maybe with VEP instances i can occupy the 48 midi-tracks, and that sould be sufficient. But i’m still in the “how to” fase, because this means a complete rework of the templates. And with VEP i’m also on the dongle again. :laughing:

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Maybe a good idea should be a “player” version of cubase. One that does not allow to record or edit anything, but that can play back everything that has been made in cubase without any need to modify things, and without the need of a dongle.

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Of course, one workaround to a limitation of plugins (if I follow what you’re saying correctly) is to get a bunch where you want them, render each track, and then you can reuse the plugins for another batch of instruments.

In fact, I render all tracks and use the audio files for the live performance projects to minimize the load.

I don’t know if you can get any of the Elements / AI / etc. versions of Cubase without purchasing them and / or the hardware, but essentially that’s what I use them for. The fact that you can also record, etc. is just a bonus.

I’m a big fan of the art of the possible. While it’s always good to suggest enhancement requests to developers, it’s best to assume they’ll never be implemented and figure out how to make it all happen with what you have to work with.


People like that make me sick. :angry:

I’m not an author, nor a pro musician, I don’t even gig anymore… But as a trades person we also get taken advantage of by being enticed for ‘possible’ work, make us come out to your home, costing us gas, wear & tear on the vehicle, time, money…when they ‘really’ just want to pick your brain for what possibly needs to be done, so they can get FREE advice to either do it themselves, or have their brother/friend/father do it from your years of knowledge …knowing very well they’re wasting your precious time, money & resources. Some EVEN want you to provide an ‘exact’ material list for them! :unamused:

It’s because of THOSE types that I now generally do not bother to give ‘Estimates’…hell, if someone calls and leave a message that they want me to give an ‘estimate’, often I won’t even call them back. There are people with money IN HAND waiting to get something fixed. I’ve directly lost a LOT of money from these situations that a one man operation can’t sustain too many losses. 've even passed on a PAYING jobs because I promised a time waster (basically a thief) that I would be there to give an estimate.

Now IMO, in my own above situation I think it’s even WORSE than a situation of intellectual property (not that it’s good either), because it’s ‘directly’ costing me, not just what it could ‘potentially’ take away from me. I’m more than willing to give someone my time with FREE phone advice, and even walk them through fixing something themselves, thus, cutting myself or another trades person a job! I don’t even care about potential prospective work that doesn’t pan out,I have PLENTY of losses in my business. If someone wanted to but when I spend $50 in gas, 2 hours travel back & forth, and hour or so looking at a job, that’s a direct hit, especially factoring a paying job I’ve passed on.

Now, if download one of my songs that I wrote to listen to for their own enjoyment, as long as they’re not trying to make a ‘profit’ from my works, I wouldn’t feel put out at all, but more flattered…just me. I’ve even heard big music stars say this. Now, Prince? Formally known as a JACKA$$, well he prolly needs the money :laughing:

If you were charging for your songs I wouldn’t download them unless I paid. It’s a matter of honor. On the other hand, if you share them for free, hell yeah, why not?

As for trade work, I’m astounded that people behave in this manner. Don’t they know that’s what You Tube is for? :slight_smile:

“A matter of honor” … simple but brilliant :bulb:

It seems that the world has gone completely mad, and you’d think we’d have world peace in this day and age, and not ISIS beheading children & news reporters! This makes the notion of people taking advantage of others in such a petty way seem unimportant. I just saw a brotha’ on the news, whole stole $100 from a young man with down syndrome :unamused:

You all seem to know a lot about this topic. I bought a new computer and want to stop using Cubase on Computer #1, but can’t seem to generate a new soft elicenser???

Have you followed the instructions to re-activate?

Other than that you need to give some more info. “I can’t do it” tells us nothing useful!

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Hello all, I’m new to this forum anyway, hope the forum is still alive since this thread is pretty old. I am going to purchase Cubase 10 Pro since there’s a sale right now. A friend passed me his old “2nd generation” (I believe it’s 4th generation) USB e-licenser dongle , it’s got the serial number sticker inside it.

but reading a little more shows that using the earlier dongles GUI may become “laggy” so I think it’s best I buy the 4th generation because it’s not worth the risk/experimentation. but what I was wondering similar to this thread, is that, should the 4th gen have any hardware issues or I lose it, would I be able to immediately transfer the license to the 2nd generation old steinberg key for literally ZERO downtime (I was trying to try out cubase elements trial and the license servers were down for a few hours!), then get my immediate work done (at least something to answer to the client) , then after that apply for replacement yada yada yada. then when I receive the 4th gen again, I transfer the license from 2nd gen to the new. Does it work that way?

please tell me if the replacement is free? or is it only for first time too.

Also I’d like to know is it safe for me to purchase cubase 10 pro and start using on 2nd gen dongle first , if it does lag, then I go ahead and purchase the 4th gen??

thank you all for reading!

awesome tip on the mini USB extension cable by the way!

1st post… WELCOME! :wink:

You can use the old dongle for the license, then if you happen to have issues move the license to a new dongle (or vice-versa). For Zero Downtime to work you need to already have that 2nd spare dongle. It could be the old one or the new.

Regards :sunglasses:

Prock : thank you so much for the assurance! I’ll be getting it soon!

Out of interest… is there any benefit in changing a 2nd gen e-licenser to a 4th, other than it being a bit stronger?

Some say there is.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock… hmmm seems the jury is still out then lol

Might pick up a spare anyway as mine is starting to get a bit fatigued around the usb plug now.

Just finished moving everything over to the new dongle and YEP it’s definitely quicker!!!

Moving licences and registration is very simple too. :smiley:

New dongle appears quicker here as well. Hopefully those errors Just switched it thurs of last week BTW