How to copy (make backup) of Cubase 6 DVD disc

I got the Cubase 6 UPDATE disc, and want to make a backup copy to my hard drive in case I lose the disc, etc. I had no problems way back when with a Cubase 4 disc, but there are error messages (read-only) when I try to copy CB 6.

Anyone know how to do this?

I actually emailed the entire DVD to myself using the dropbox link in my signature below.

In order to make it easier this is what I did.

  1. Open the DVD so you can see the files in the window
  2. Select all items using CTRL-A
  3. Right click on ANY highlighted file and select SEND TO then select COMPRESSED FOLDER

Now that will take the whole DVD and put it into 1 file.

Let me know if it works… Worked well for me !
I even installed it from that file emailed to myself - worked perfectly!

NOTE: This PIX is from my ‘general use’ pc - not a DAW

NOTE: If you have a MAC - use Disk Utility and create a .DMG file.

Thanks for the help. I’m on Windows 7 X64 and when I send to a compressed folder, to my desktop only, I see no other option,it gets about 1/3 of the way then I get an error that says that the file is corrupt. Any other ideas on how to do this? I don’t understand why I cannot copy the disc like I had done with so many other install disks.

Probably because Steiny has done something to the C6 disc so that you can not do
what you are trying to do.

Nice work-a-round provided by savadious tho’.


DAEMON Tools lite (free) is also an good option, I’ve used it for many years without problems, I can recommend it!