how to copy melody on an already written lyrics


I need a suggestion.
I’ve written a score with chorus, four verses and lyrics.
Editing the score I’ve changed the melody notes (not the duration) to the first verse. How can I copy this new melody to the other three verses without deleting already written lyrics in that verses?
Thanks for your help :wink:

If you engage chord input (shortcut Q), then when you paste, the material you paste will be merged with the existing material rather than overwriting it. So you can do it in two steps. First, select the destination passage and use Edit > Filter > Notes and Chords to select all the notes in the passage, then Delete them. Second, select the verse with the revised melody and again use Edit > Filter > Notes and Chords so that you don’t include the lyrics from the first verse. Make sure chord input is active, then copy and paste the revised melody into the empty space.

Daniel your support is very precious every time, thanks. In the same way, with this suggestion, I learn the power of the Q (chord input) feature that is involved as a way “to add” not only notes, I did not know.
Every time I ask for help/suggestion in this forum I’m sure to receive the support needed, this is priceless.
Thanks, have great work and health.

You’re very welcome. It’s what we’re here for! Many of the tools in the notes toolbox in Write mode – especially chord input and Insert mode – have powerful effects also when editing as well as inputting music, and it can take a bit of a leap of imagination to think about how they can be used when e.g. copying and pasting or deleting music, but internalising those behaviours can pay dividends.

Very helpful, thanks. The imagination is the real limit to many tasks :slight_smile: