how to copy paste automation under exact region ?


i have different seperate regions in a track with different length.
each have a different automation setting (automations are just steady flat created with Fill Loop undear each regions)

i want to copy all the automations bellow one specific region and paste it’s settings under another so it matches it’s size.

for the moment i’m using the range selection, sopy aaaaall lines of automation under the region i want,
paste it at the beggining of other region, then reselect all lines and duplicate duplicate duplicate until i reach the end of second region.
then i select all useless events and delete them.

for sure there’s another way…

Good question! I’d like to know the better way of doing this.

Set your cycle locators around the area you want to paste to, select the automation you want to paste there, and then choose “Edit -> Funcitons -> Fill Loop”. From there go to your automation panel, select your automation, and choose to reduce automation events.

This is just too complicated. Why on earth there is no command “copy automation” and “paste automation” if one wants to copy all automation. You could just select the clip that has the automation, “copy automation”, select the clip you want to paste the automation and “paste automation”… Would be very useful.
And this should work no matter if the clips are in the same track or not…

thx it works.
with this macro it works super good :
Edit - Fill loop
Automation - Reduce automation on selected track

with this you can select a small slice of your automation with range tool (if to large it might be copied further than the right range for some reason)
then locate your region you want to paste, select it with range and activate loop,
make sure range tool is selected then send the macro, navigate to next region and do again.
it’s actually quite long to explain but fast

anyway yes… a dedicated function for that would be nice.

What happens if your automation is not static values (which it usually isn’t)? Do you expect it to stretch? Loop? It’s not as simple a scenario as you make it seem.

I expect it to be similar as my original automation was. If I want it to be different than original, I do it manually.
Very easy, select range, copy automation, paste same automation to desired destination.

I don’t do paste it if not static value.
Basically i use it on coms. Different speakers each with specifc settings but all on same track. So i put a marker on each first time i did the setting then on next time the speaker appear i paste the automation underneath.
Later i will do fine automations on volumes.

I don’t see i’ what situation you would need to keep non static values.


I used to do copy range also. The problem is when you want to match exact size of the region because there’s one just after for exemple and you don’t want automation going there.
For this the only way istwelvetwelve’s technic. Also in the end it’s way faster when you have a macro.

The automation paste should work so that it does not write automation over the destinations lenght then, right?

Sorry. I don’t undersrand you mean with twelvetwelve soution ? Yes. Automation is filled up in the range you set and from the position selected with range tool.
With the macro it’s quite fast.

No, I mean the simplest way: new feature “copy automation -paste automation”…

Then it’s worth having a look at the DOP copy/paste.
It renders the static automation into the clip non destructively. (single plug or multiple plugin chains)
Editing voices is super fast that way.
You can leave the DOP window open and even have presets that you can activate at the touch of a button.

At the same time I must say that Nuendo lacks a copy paste function for automation in the project window, very much agreed. In fact I have requested this (basic) feature about a gazillion times here on the forum, but there are things that don’t get heard.

Also, there is a copy/paste plugin setting entry available in plug ins available when you right click the dark grey area at the top of a window that can be very helpful together with the automation loop function.

Hope this helps.

ideally you’r rigth but for now : omg no !
hate the DOP thing it’s all random erratic bug and no understanding on what is going on. I see my region lengh changing crazy with pitch shift and never really know what state it is between the fime it calculates and render. I’m super concern i end up with stuf meesed up all over the placE.
zero confidence in this for now.

Anyone know if this ‘fill loop’ command is broken in Nuendo 10.3?

I’ve tried following the advice in this thread and not really getting anywhere. I simply want to copy the automation value (in this case the reverb send) from one event to another. Also, I’m not sure what ‘reduce automation of selected tracks’ is suppose to do? No matter what I do, when I run that command nothing happens?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Like others, I’m coming to Nuendo from a PT workflow and looking for something similar to the ‘paste to fill’ command when working with automation.