How to copy setings file from one mac to another (Shortcuts etc)

Hello everyone,
since I want to install wavelab 9.5.20 to my macbook pro and work on the go for some projects, does anyone know how can I ( safely ) transfer my modified key shortcuts and all the presets that I made from my Mac Pro to my laptop ? Which files can I copy and were in order to have an identical copy of my workstation?

thank you in advance for any help.

I do this a lot to keep my WaveLab settings on my laptop in sync with my main machine. The folder you want to back up is this:

Mac HD -> Users -> Username -> Library -> Preferences-> WaveLab Pro 9.5

I don’t know what all the files and folders in that main folder do but I just zip it up, and put it on Dropbox every few weeks as a backup. Then when I’m on my laptop I can find the same folder, replace the files with the version from my main machine and everything is good to go.

Hey Justin!

thanks a lot man for your help. It worked like a charm!

No problem. I think there is also something in the WaveLab preferences to determine a different folder to synchronize settings so you could in theory use a Dropbox folder on multiple computers to say in sync but I haven’t had time to try it or test it.

See attachment.

Maybe PG can say more about it.

I think all DAWs can take a lesson from REAPER in how easy, thorough, and reliable it is to import and export your entire configuration down to every little tiny setting. This way you can back it up and/or import it on your secondary or mobile computer.

WaveLab isn’t too bad compared to other DAWs though. Transferring RX preferences is the worst.