How to craft custom settings for Loudness Metering

Need some insight as to how to properly set up a “custom” template for the new EBU 128 loudness metering in WL. I will be using this meter for music mixes and to set appropriate levels for my ongoing vinyl restoration work.

For my standard “music” metering (rather than the broadcast standard of -23 LUFS) - I want use a target of -16.0 LUFS. I have been doing a bunch of research on this and it seems this level is more appropriate for pop/rock music and seems to mesh nicely with the K-14 metering standard which I use as well.

Was wondering how to properly set up all the various elements within the new Loudness Meter and specifically - which “scale” to use. I see there are several standard scales and I can even do a custom one - but I must admit - I do not understand the scale settings and how best to place them for a custom template.

Appreciate any info from the field - especially if you are using the new metering for music.



You could try something like this:

Note that the Integrated deviation on this particular set up is set to a wide 3LU deviation. This was simply to get a clear picture of the zone of expected activity on the M and S meters. The target integrated level is still supposed to be at -16LUFS. You might want to set the deviation to 1LU or 2LU instead.

AFAIK there are no strict ‘rules’ with regard to the scales when setting up a custom scale, and the standard scales relate to the EBUR128 specification.

See also: EBU R 128 -- many interpretations of the "truth" - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums

Awesome! Thanks so much - I think this will work perfectly.