how to CRASH 9.5.30 ALWAYS

Hi. Cubase Pro 9.5.30 runs fine BUT:

Everytime i want to strech the timing to adapt the bmp to an imported song, Cubase 9.5.30 PRO crashes to the desktop without warning … Works for a short while and then THE MAGIC; poofff, desktop.
Restart Cubase and all worke s normal, do your trick (red circle) … crash. MUST BE GRAPHICS RELATED? PS Cubase 9 PRO runs fine BTW …

My system: Standard Microsoft graphics drivers, latest, for my AMD Radeon R7 360 graphics (the original AMD ones makes USB audio stutter). windows 10 64bit 1803, latest updates. What’s up ? thnx, F


Could you share the *.dmp file located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps folder, please?

Hello. the latest crash dump there is from sep 29th; there is none recent present, as Cubase immediately exits to the desktop, probably without crashing. Restarting the program: all is normal until this ole Hat Trick as described above. IMO it must be graphics related. I checked the windows VSbasics and DOTNET 4.7.2. regards F


Sorry, I can’t reproduce it. Please try to install different graphics card driver.

Hello Martin. Installed other drivers, the crashes were fixed but then again problems with audio stutter on USB. Then i read on a gamers AMD Radeon forum about installing a GPU tweak (2) tool and tune the 2d clock to a higher frequency. I could not find these settings for “2D” but somehow leaving the standard settings from this GPU tweak fixed it. thnx, F