How to crash CB 11 pro with SL8 pro

SP 8 pro crashes CB 11 pro.
Testing SL 8 pro. When unmixing to layers it floods the project file over 4.29 GB and then your work is gone. Even if you saved the project. No warning, Cubase starts to save the .cpr and your work is gone. you can’t open the file again! Why is is this called professional?

There is probably more than that to the situation. I just unmixed using Spectralayers 8. no crash. Yes, professional.

Yes unmixing works fine. But try to unmix a live session 1 hour ,with 8 channels of music. Each channel 750 GB. Cubase handles this with excellens! I think SL8 pro writes its data to the Cubase projectfile. and it grows too big. The unmixdata could easily be written to an “unmixtrack” instead. Not professional I think.

okay, so it was a big file. That seems pertinent. Anyway, if something crashes the program it’s a bug,

Let’s see what @Robin_Lobel says, I did read about a similar problem a while back, but don’t recall if it was solved or what.

Thanks Steve, i think i found the thread .cpr sizes go crazy (500mb) for simple unmix stems project

I put my comment there.

We’re currently considering how to best handle such scenarios with the Cubase team.

Great News! My recording gear saves and keep track of data chunks size of 2GB as files. The limit here is up to me and how much drivespace I can afford. Excellent solution I think.