How to crash Nuendo

Doing this will cause Nuendo to immediately crash 99% of the time. When you render a mix, make sure you select “create audio track”. You’ll not only get the mix sent to your desktop but you’ll have a copy on your screen . All good so far. Now delete the audio file but leave the new mix track. Good so far. Now try and delete that track. Poof! Nuendo is gone instantly. Works every time. I can’t figure out why.

Do you delete the track in the folder it was created in, or the audio within that new track inside Nuendo?

If the former, yes it would make sense that it would crash nearly any DAW. It would have an image of an audio file that it cannot playback, and hilarity would ensue.

If the latter, well that is a bug. RAID!!!

Yes. That is exactly what I did. I can delete the entire track with the audio and it doesn’t always crash. But without the audio, it’s instant “lights out”.

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