How to create a boxed flow title?

Hi there all,

I have a multi-flow piece which I’m required to have a boxed flow title (i.e. “1. Flow Title”). I have enabled the “Border” option for the Flow Title paragraph style in the menu option “Library” > “Paragraph Styles…”, but it doesn’t show a box around the flow title.

Also, I tried to create a box around the default Flow Heading template in Engraving mode, but as I don’t have a fixed with for all the four flows, that won’t work out either.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?

There’s no really good way to do this at the moment, I’m afraid: you can’t currently create a border around text in a frame in a way that dynamically grows to fit the size of the text rather than encompassing the whole frame. This is something we intend to work on in future.

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Maybe it’s an option to import pre-created svg’s containing each of them a unfilled box and overlaying them over the flow titles?

If you do this, you are probably best off creating a Custom Flow Template for each SVG in the Engrave Mode Page Template section so that you do not have to recreate a page override from scratch should pagination change where each flow starts. Applying a new Flow Template is easier than deleting and recreating a page override.

(This may sound confusing, but learning to use custom page and flow templates for special formatting needs can save a lot of work in the long run.)

Hi Derrek,

That’s an intriguing idea! I’ve created four new Custom Flow Headings in the Default Part Page Template Set with the imported svg’s.

How do I choose which Custom Flow Heading is going to be used for which flow?

You assign them in Engrave mode. Right-click (or the Mac equivalent) on the page icon in the right-hand panel to see a drop-down menu.


I didn’t know that, thanks!

Out of curiosity, is it possible to assign different Flow Headings when you have, say, 2 flows on a page?

No I’m afraid, all changes like this, including flow heading changes, apply to whole pages.

But don’t forget that you may be able to set up a special Page Template for that page (or those pages) that identify the specific flows involved.