How to create a certain ornament/playing technique


I am trying to produce a certain symbol, please have a look at my source:

vln 1
In Dorico’s keyboard techniques I discovered the “Clavichord Bebung (4 Fingers)” which gets pretty close to what I would need:

Clavichord Bebung (4 Fingers)
I still need to get the dots a bit smaller. So I will probably have to edit this SMuFL font symbol?

Related to this and for similar places in the score I will also need just four staccato dots, as one symbol/playing technique/articulation (=without the “slur”).

Thank you for help.

You can’t edit the symbol itself unless you edit the font itself, but you can change the scale factor if need be, either in the Properties panel or, if you prefer, in the music symbol editor itself.

Thank you Daniel, I will use your suggestion in slightly decreasing the overall size of the symbol. This will cover the symbols with 3 and four dots. In my source I also discovered a place where I would need 6 dots under the symbol…
At some point - may be - we could have a procedure to get these symbols into Dorico’s notation in a more flexible way. This way of notating repetitive notes saves a lot of place and is pleasant to read for a player.

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