How to create a Grand Staff as one (metric) unit?

I don’t know how to describe it, but I would like it to be as it is pictured. The dynamic marking applies to both staves and there is no pause on one staff when you play on the other. Is there an option for this?

When notes are crossed to an adjacent staff, rests are automatically hidden. But since there is no cross-staff beaming in this passage, I would enter the notes on the staves where they appear and hide the unwanted bar rests afterward with Edit > Remove Rests.

Enter the p on the upper staff. It applies to both for playback and centers nicely between them. For an editorial [ p ] with square brackets, use the Prefix and Suffix properties.

To add the first slur connecting notes on different staves, select the first note, Ctrl-click the top G♭, and press S.

When you add the fermata, it appears both above the rest and below the note, and also on the bar-rest in the other staff. To change this, go to Engraving Options > Holds and Pauses and for the first setting choose “One per staff”. When you hide the bar-rest, its fermata is hidden too.

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