How to create a key command for RENDER IN PLACE

Hello. When I CONTROL-CLICK a midi part in Cubase, a menu pops up, I select “Render in place,” and Cubase makes an audio track and mutes the original midi track. Brilliant! But how can I make a key command? In the EDIT>KEY COMMANDS dialog, if I search for “render” it only shows “render midi click” and “render audio click.” Not sure what “click” is referring to ? Anyway, any help? Thanks

Which Cubase version are you using?
The appropriate keyboard command is available in C11pro:

Thank you. Cubist Pro 11 Mac. I don’t see the render param in a folder like what you’re showing in your version

Hi, in the first menu, keyboard shortcuts,render in place and select the second option. Put your key command and press assign in the right zone on the window.