How to create a macro to move event to cursor?

after moving the cursor it must change to the next measure and select the next event to move to the last cursor location.

anyone to help?

No, I’m afraid not that way…
Please, try to describe step by step what should happen when the macro is executed. Then others here can probably understand it and possibly find a solution. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

IF I understand what you want to achieve because as @ASM mentioned, it’s not clear, you can try this macro once you’ve moved the cursor to the position you want to place the “next” part of the selected track (not event, again if I understand correctly the situation):

  • Navigate→Right (This will select the next part)
  • Cut
  • Paste (This will paste to the cursor position)

sorry for not being so clear,

regarding the doubt:
I want to create the macro to do exactly what is done in the following video:

How to configure this macro shown in the video

Seems to me as if you just want to shuffle all parts together.
If so, you won’t need a macro, but set Snap Type in the toolbar to Shuffle, select all parts to move and drag them with the mouse.

the context is as follows:
This audio was recorded without a metronome,
What he did was divide the events by cutting the parts with the shortcut Alt+x which performs the division function on the Cursor.

after this,
it places the cursor at the beginning of the project, selects the first cut event, and from there it executes the macro so that
this event moves to where the cursor is, and the cursor moves to the next measure and selects the next event and does the same thing moving to the cursor.

In the video he demonstrates this to put the audio at the correct tempo.

Maybe I’m not being clear, because I’m using Google Translate.