How to create a new solo piano player with only one staff?

I want to create a new player pianist with only one staff: is it possible? (without to create a solo instrument like flute than to rewite the name, than open the vsti and change the sound …and so on everytime againwhen I need to write only a trebble or bass line)
Next question: is it posiible to have sometimes one staff and sometimes two staves for writing educational things:
sometimes I need the two staves for both hanhs bot sometimes I only nedd the trebble key to write sometimes else ?
best regards

At the moment I’m afraid this isn’t possible. The plan is for there to be a means of changing the number of staves in an instrument at any given rhythmic position, and I’m undecided whether or not we should in addition have an option to allow only one of the staves of a grand staff instrument to be hidden, but I guess we probably will in due course.

Thanks for the answer : It could be very great to have these options for making educational material.
Best regards

As an editor I always show both staves of Piano and Harp where they play. For a Synth keyboard one staff is allowable. But I don’t like to see the curly brace on a single staff.