How to create a project template in Dorico


I’m new to Dorico, but I’ve managed to create a project file that I’d like to use as a template. I’ve searched but cannot find how to do this, so I’d appreciate some advice please.



Welcome to the forum, Darren. We don’t yet have a good feature for templates in Dorico, though it is of course planned for the future. What users typically do at present is save their template file under a suitable name, and then mark it as locked or read-only in their OS, so when they subsequently open it in Dorico they are forced to do Save As to save it under a new name.

Hi Darren - welcome to the forum.

Searching can be a bit tough on here, you may find it easier to search in Google. I entered “Dorico Template” as a search string in Google and found this thread.

Many thanks to you both. I though I was going a bit nuts trying to figure it out!
No problem I will make my own until it’s implemented. Loving Dorico after using Finale for over 20 years.

Any idea on the time frame here? I saw you mention this as something planned for the future back in 2018, so I’m just wondering if there’s any way for us to know what’s upcoming, what’s postponed and what ideas are discarded…

I heartily second this feature request. As of now I’m just making copies of scores to use my own templates, but it is a bit clunky.
Thanks for the tip about setting it to locked/read-only, though! I have at times started editing the template before I duplicate it, wasting time in resetting the “template” score.

We don’t share details of our roadmap for a number of reasons. In particular we don’t want to promise something for a release that ends up being impossible to achieve in the available time, since that leads to disappointment. We’ll only generally talk about something in concrete terms once it is actually implemented, and then the release in which that feature or change will appear is then normally not far away. Otherwise we try to keep our powder dry. But you can be sure that if we have acknowledged something as being on the roadmap, it is still there, and we’ll get to it at the point at which people, priorities and time align to make it happen.

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