How to create a recursive macro?

Hello people!

I want to create a macro that goes down the selected track’s events to create one cycle marker for each event. The logic behind it would be:

  1. The user selects an event as the starting position for the macro
  2. Locators around selection
  3. Add cycle marker
  4. Name cycle marker (hopefully the macro should include a naming scheme for each cycle marker)
  5. Select next event
  6. Repeat 1 through 4 until the last event on the track

Is this possible at all? and if it is, would it be possible to apply the recursive macro ONLY to unmuted events?

The user manual doesn´t include anything regarding recursivity, but I think it would be of tremendous help for some tedious tasks like adding cycle markers.

Hi, great idea - maybe it can be done with the project logical editor? (I am not an expert concerning LE).

As a side remark: This has nothing to do with recursivity, it would just have to be a simple loop. (Recursivity would mean that a function applies itself - self-reference is the key that defines recusivity). I dont think that macros can do loops, but as stated, maybe there is a way to let the Project LE assign cycle markers to every event on track.

Thank you friend. You are probably right, as I’m not a computer science guy. I just need a simple loop. But the Logical Editor doesn´t seem to offer a way to it.

Let’s see if anyone knows a trick to make this happen :slight_smile:

I did not want to be a smart-ass ;o)…

I think what you want to do makes sense and I am also curious whether someone has an idea. Unfortunately i dont think macros are able to do this.
And the Naming-scheme is most likely also not possible I am afraid…

Oh not to worry! This is a very respectful community. Calling on me for an incorrect statement is actually the polite thing to do :slight_smile:

And yes, I´m also not very optimistic about the naming scheme.

Someone, prove us wrong!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to bring this to the top again - maybe it CAN be done with the project logical editor?

What should be done: Create cycle markers “around” all events on an audio track and apply a reasonable naming-scheme for the created markers.

Pretty sure this can’t be done using the PLE. The problem is that neither Logical Editor is able to create new things out of scratch. You can duplicate something that already exists (Part, Note, etc…) and then manipulated it - so you can do stuff like double a melody line an octave higher. But if you wanted to simply create some Note Events in an empty Part, there is no mechanism to do that.