How to create a staff label like this in Dorico

Hi everyone!
For my score I want to make the staff label looks like this and my way is just typing the space to make it looks like that. It took me a long time so I am asking for an easier way to do that. Also I want to know is staff label looks ok with “flute 1 & 2”? Or is what is shown in the photo the only correct staff label format? Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum @shengyuanli0928 !

If you have Dorico Pro, you can use its condensing function: add 3 flutes, 3 oboes, 3 clarinets etc to your project, and allow Dorico to show the music for all those separate players on fewer staves by condensing them.

You can then determine how condensed staff labels appear, including changing whether the numbers are always stacked vertically (as in your picture) or follow the voices on the staff (i.e. Flute 1.2.3 in a row when they’re all in the same voice as chords).

A huge benefit of using condensing, rather than adding one player for each staff and adjusting the instrument names/staff labels manually, is that when it comes to generating the parts, each player has a ready-to-read part by default. You wouldn’t have to explode each flute, oboe, clarinet etc staff later.


That’s exactly what I need!! Thank you so much!

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You’re most welcome! Enjoy working on your project – you’re always welcome to come back to this forum and ask questions if you find yourself stuck.