How to Create a Template for frequent Use?

Hi everyone, I’m using Dorico 3 to create arrangements of popular songs as well as original pieces.
Since I have a specific template (a format) that I work with, that includes certain notation settings, layout setting, engravement settings and fonts I was wondering if there was a way to choose to open every a new project using preset template, as so I won’t be needing to re-program all the settings every new score I make… It can be a big time saver and workflow if it exists I’d appreciate input as to how to achieve that . Thanks (btw I know Cubase 9 supports user templates/layouts)

cheers and happy new year everyone!

No, though Dorico 3.5 goes a little further than Dorico 3 in that one can now import and export master pages and master page sets.

The best thing you can do, really, is to set up a file the way you want it, leave a single flow in there (preferably empty), then save that somewhere safe. When you need to create a similar project, don’t start from scratch; open your saved empty project, save it under a new name and go from there.

We will add the capability to save your own templates in future, but for the time being, the method described be Leo is the best available one.

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Too bad I only have 3.0 then, damn…

I don’t think being able to import and export master pages really gets you very far in this particular direction, so there’s no reason to update to Dorico 3.5 for this. But when the feature is added in a future version it will be worth your while to update at that point, no doubt.