how to create a track to record other track sample

how to create a resample track to record live automation on a drum loop audio sample? I saw a youtube video where a resample track was created to record live effect changes on the drum sample. It was in Ableton. How do I create an audio track that records the drum sample? It is all internal sounds, so it should be possible without sending the sound out and then back in… Its like render in place but live.

Create a new stereo buss in vst connections but do not assign it any physical connections.
Set this as the output for the track you want to record and set it as input on a new recording track.

NB: because you assign the track to this phantom out you cannot hear the track unless you monitor the recording track input…if you do this via Cubase you will have a delay, so you really need to direct monitor the record track input unless you are running at very low latency…

Thanks. Can you explain how to direct monitor? Is it something I do in my audio interface software?

Yes…as I can’t read your gear list that’s about as much as I can tell you.

I have resized my signature. I use a studio 192 interface and I just wrote Presonus support for help…

Actually I didn’t think this through.
As you’re using phantom bus in Cubase I guess you’re actually recording after the interface monitoring and so can’t use it’s direct monitor anyhow.

I’m trying to think of how you both monitor the track and send it to record…I guess you might be able to do it using the direct routing function but I’ve closed down my DAW for the night so can’t check how to make this work.

Yes direct monitoring is something thta is done with inputs of your audio interface. Since the routing explained is inside Cubase, it can´t be done here. Also you won´t get more latency when monitoring the track through Cubase, other than the one existing already by plugin delay.

you simply monitor the track you are recording on, and use realtime fx on the track you are playing from.

Duh!!..thanks guys.
Of course as there is no extra journey through conversion there is no additional delay to worry about. Couldn’t see the wood for the trees there for a while!

It’s ok, I asked Presonus about the direct monitoring, because I want to get rid of the delay on vocal recordings when monitoring. So awaiting answers.