How to create a whitelist?

Hi everybody,
how can I create a whitelist?

Searched the forum and the German manual, but didn’t get answer…


And where is the correct place for it?

Peter, try this link:

Sorry, that documentation is totally outdated. By now it is much easier to whitelist VST2 plug-ins.
Simply open the Dorico Preferences, choose the Play tab and scroll down to the VST Plug-ins section.
There you’ll find a button for editing the whitelist. Click on it and an editor window opens.
Enter the plug-in’s file name (without the ending), save it and close.
Then restart Dorico and it shall appear in the list of available plug-ins.

No, it doesn’t appear.
I created a .txt filed named vst2whitelist and copied it into
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine2_64 (Windows) - (For DP3 I assume that it is the VSTAudioEngine3_64)
Problem is:
I can’t delete the blacklist - search path - info files. I tried it 3 times, but each time I restart DP2 or DP 3, there is no entry in the VST list.

Then I went back to C:\Users…\VSTAudioEngine folder - and each time the above mentioned files still proudly reside in that folder.


Sorry, while I wrote my answer, Ulf has already sent a message…

And… (Drum roll, Drum roll, Drum roll)

YES!!! It works!!!