How to create an automation envelope

Hi, I want to automate the power knob in Jamstix and it cannot be done the usual write automation way, apparently I need to “create an automation envelope” in Cubase 7.5 in order to automate Jamstix…I was pointed to this vid

But cannot make any sense out of it…he/she seems to opening tracks that I don’t have or don’t know where they are, would apreciate help from anyone who can put me right please…thank you


simple .
Open your vsti as a instrument track .
Right click on the vsti “show automation” then a track will appear and in the dialog box you can choose what automation you want to control .
To add more automation tracks click on the dialog box of the parameter and choose add , once you have added the automation the track it will sit on top of another , just move one node on that automation and then on your vsti right click "show all used automation " and there will be all your tracks :wink:

good luck

Hi, thanks for the help…on right clicking show/hide automation I had to select “track control settings” which I hope was the correct track…then from a window select …instrument, then power control…and it didn’t work…so presumably I’ve done something wrong…I did draw the line that I wanted but Jamstix did not follow it.
also can this (if it actually works) be done only with an instrument track and not from the rack?

thanks again…Kevin

What works for me is to click the W button at the top of the VSTi (or FX) window, then press play and wiggle the control. Then I select ‘show all used automation’ and look for the automation I just created in the project. I then edit the ‘wiggly’ automation to be what I need.

There’s also an automation preference called ‘reveal parameter on write’ which will show automation instantly as you write it… That’s changed by clicking the Project->Automation Panel and clicking on the settings button.


cheers Mike…