How to create cautionary time sigs at the ends of flows

According to Behind Bars, if the music between two movements is continuous, “the end of the first movement takes a thin double barline and any change of clef, key and time signature is given in advance of the new movement.”

In the context of Dorico’s flows, it’s not difficult to end a flow with a thin double barline (using the “Barline” panel of a flow’s “Notation Options”) but I can’t find a way to create cautionary materials at the end of a flow, as Gould shows here on the right:

I imagine this is not yet implemented – I hope it can be added to the long list of future features. It’s pretty important in engraving any piece in multiple flows where they are supposed to be musically continuous.

You are correct that this is not yet implemented, Jeffrey.

I imported an xml file in which there were three movements. Dorico treated them as 1 continuous movement, and therefore put cautionary key and clef changes after the double bar at the end of each previous movement. How should I avoid this?

Also, by the way, I can’t seem to insert a system break using the contextual menu that appears when I right-click. But I can insert a system break on the Engraving page.

We will, as soon as we can, add features to allow you to split and join flows, so that you could take your single flow in your imported MusicXML file and split it into three separate flows.

You can only create breaks in Engrave mode; we will somehow prevent those menu items from appearing in Write mode in due course.