How to create Couperin style arpeggio?

I installed the November2 font and I try to use the Couperin style arpeggio. So I replaced the music symbol for arpeggio up with the glyph from November2, but the result isn’t what it should be.

The result is this : Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 18.13.11
How to get it vertical?

I don’t think you can do this the way you would like to, because the glyph in November2 is effectively “precomposed”, i.e. it represents the whole symbol, whereas the wiggles that Dorico uses are each roughly one space tall, so it has to assemble them together according to the span of the chord to produce an arpeggio sign of the appropriate length.

There’s no “set and forget” way to use this symbol that I can think of, I’m afraid. You’ll need to resort to something like creating a custom playing technique that you position manually in Engrave mode, or inputting it as a Shift+X text item that you then switch off the Avoids collisions property for and manually position in Engrave mode, or something along those lines.

Somebody cleverer and more devious than me may have a better idea.

You could also look at making a custom vertical line using that glyph, although it may want to start repeating itself if it expects to be longer than one glyph. (I expect you’d need to add it as a line body first, then add that line body to a new vertical line)

Thanks for your reply. I succeeded doing this using a custom play technique and then reposition it in engrave mode. The only problem is that it can’t be stretched if the chord is bigger.

The Shift+X solution doesn’t work at my side with any glyph. I select the note enter shift+X and change the text style to music text

and add for example {@U+ED60@} for a common flat. All I can see as the result of that is the code itself.

What do I wrong there?

You must not copy the code, but the glyph itself.

Thanks. That works perfect with glyphs of Bravura. But now how to paste a glyph from November2 there? I can only find those glyphs on a PDF file overviewing all the glyphs. Pasting the glyph from there gives me just a little stripe. Then I tried to copy the glyph from the music symbol editor, but that gives me only the code.

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That doesn’t work, because the arpeggios couperin style can’t be turned by 90 degrees in the line editor. So they repeat the wrong way just like in the picture at the beginning of this post.