How to create grace notes at the end of a bar?

Hello. I am going crazy trying to figure this out but i am sure there must be an easy solution. I need to create a grace note like this at the end of a bar with a whole note trill. The problem is that if I create grace notes they need to belong to a note in front of them else they cannot exist. how can I set this up in the score editor please?

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 19.11.55

Others might have better ideas, but what comes to mind is to use Graphic Notes, then scale them to the smaller size, and move them with the layout tool


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Yes, and following the same approach, you could use the Layout Tool on real grace notes.

omg! ha ha!

I see my post has been awarded a solution but I still can’t get it to work!

Please see here

When I use the layout tool as suggested it only allows me to move the notes on a horizontal baseline L or R… I certainly can’t move it up there or perhaps someone can help me by telling me where I am doing this incorrectly?

Ok ok

I got it to work. What I did was to place the grace notes before the main note and then move them to the right with the layout tool! This way i don’t have to move them up

THank you!

Please see here

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 10.10.41

In my key editor this is what I have

My grace notes are displayed in a strange manner between the 16th notes. What I actually want is this of course

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 10.10.51

but you will see that I had to delete the last quarter note for it to be displayed correctly. Can someone help me understand what i am doing wrong. I followed the instructions in the manual as best I could.

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