How to create Lane from Track?

Hi -

Two different tracks of vocal take, would like to make them be two different lanes in one track.

Tried a lot of trying to drag a track into a lane, etc., but to no avail.

Does anyone know how to make this work?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can’t be serious. :unamused:

Drag them onto the same track, click expand lanes button on track, done :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Strophoid. That’s what I did, but the bit I dragged in covered up the original audio, making it unavailable.

I’ll try again, I did this w/ the lanes already expanded, I’ll try w/ them not showing to start. If that doesn’t work I guess it’s something specific to my set up … was hoping it was a simple thing like a preference or something I was overlooking, I guess odds are it still is.

Thx again :slight_smile:

After the dragged track covers your previous audio, open the lanes (if they weren’t open already), and then drag to the new unused lane. Your dragged track will now occupy this, and a new unused lane is created.

Thanks Arjan, the problem I had that caused me to post is that when I drag it to the unused lane, it leaves an empty space, instead of revealing the original audio.

I wonder if this is going to have to be the first time I trash preferences, can’t think of anything else. Except pretend to ignore that there is a problem and just keep working until my head explodes! :smiley:

Mmh, sounds not good. Maybe try in a fresh project, and if that’s the same, revert to trashing preferences…

That’s ofcourse always an option :sunglasses:

No need to trash anything!

If your new audio overlaps the existing, just right on the track and do “clean up lanes…”

Then if you still want to trash something, go kick your TV over.

Old Fecker, here’s hoping that’s the magic bullet, will check it out asap - thanks!

Can’t do it now because I’m in the hospital … tried to kick my TV over, but it was high on the wall, and I lost my balance and landed on my head. I feel alright, but the docs say I’m still concussed because I keep mumbling things about trashing preferences and such. :mrgreen: