How to create minisampler instruments?

Yes I have read the new manual but it does not provide some basic information I need to start making my own minisampler instruments.

What note does Steinberg allocate to midi number 60? C3 or C4?

What types of audio files does minisampler support and what bit rates?

Hi relayer,

Sebastian (one of our Senior Product Specialist) did produced a very informative MiniSampler tutorial exactly for this purpose. The clip will guide you through all required steps and shed some light on other useful aspects also.

Have a look at it here:


Hi Lars

I’ve watched the tutorial and from what I can see, samples are WAV files 44.1kHz 16bit and that C1 is midi number 36 - which would make C3 midi note 60. Can you confirm this?

I plan to import my own WAV files via iTunes to make instruments.