How to create multiple simultaneous hairpins of the same length regardless of notes?

There’s something I deal with frequently and that is, sometimes I want all instruments to swell across the length of a bar or two, swelling together as an ensemble. However, Dorico by default always seems to create hairpins to the next note value of any selected staff.

For example, I wish to turn this:

Into this:

The way I have to do this, though, is either manually dragging them one by one to the same place, or more recently I create one at the length I want and then copy it up or down to all other staves. This is fine, but I wish I could have it always default to the length of the selected bar when using the popover or caret. However, if I use the popover:

And if I use the caret entry (with popover) and spacebar:

It seems this is the behavior regardless of the grid value I have selected.

Is there a setting somewhere in the preferences or a trick I’m not aware of to have it either default to the bar length, or default to the longest possible option of a multiple selection?

Hi @wing
I hope I understand your issue…:

Dorico will decide the length of the gradual dynamic based on the selection. So first select all the bars of your example with shift+click and then use the popover: all dynamics will be the same (as you don’t have rests):
CleanShot 2024-04-28 at 22.23.14

In your second example the popover uses the value of the selected note (half or quarter), in your third example the popover uses the current note input value as in the panel on the left (that is by default a quarter), and if you press the spacebar more times it will prolong it accordingly.

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That’s what I had been doing actually, but my issue in part stems from half notes and such where Dorico logically ends the hairpin because it sees that as the last note value in a staff:

Such a thing is entirely logical and I totally understand what Dorico is thinking here – it does make sense. However in some cases I still prefer consistent dynamics visually. In addition, I have had some issues arise with certain instruments refusing to condense all because one hairpin was slightly different from the other staff, so some cases like that I would rather they just be consistent if I can!

@wing There must be some difference in the settings…

Edit: this is the setting that you need to deactivate to obtain what you desire. Preferences>Note Input and Editing>End gradual dynamics at start of last note in multiple selections:

This is what I have with the above setting deactivated:

CleanShot 2024-04-28 at 22.41.16

Perfect, that seems to have fixed it for me!

However there’s one final issue, which I noticed before as well, and I have seen this on other projects - where the lowest staff, typically the bass instrument, gets a slightly longer hairpin than all the others. I really cannot fathom why this is:

(this is with the setting you recommended disabled, but notice the lowest staff which is a Bassoon has a hairpin slightly longer than the others, which is not a huge deal but kind of bothers my slight OCD)

I wonder if this is a bug… because if I add a few more instruments and re-arrange them, now the same exact bassoon line gets the correct length, and sure enough, the bottom staff, which for me is now a Horn, gets the extended hairpin -

Would you mind testing this out to see if this happens to the lowest staff on your end? Would be great to get to the bottom of it, no pun intended :wink:

There is a property that you can also set globally:

Global settings:

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Ah ok, that seems to fix it after the fact. Good to know. Is there a way to save this behavior as default?

I added the global option in my previous post. It is in Advanced options of Engraving options/Gradual Dynamics . You can set it to Do not cross barline and then click on Save as Default.

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Press the Save as Default button at the bottom-left of the dialog.

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Noted. That one is quite hidden away, not sure I ever would’ve found that on my own. I just did a test with a completely empty project and now it works perfectly. This will save me a lot of time, thank you so much!

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@wing You are welcome!

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