How to Create Note Events

Hi everyone,

I can create Note Events by double clicking within the boundaries of the cycle markers. If I double click outside the boundaries of the cycle markers, Note Events are not created.
Is there an option to create Note Events outside the boundaries of the cycle markers?
Is it possible to create a Key Command to create Note Events?

Thank you,

To create Note Events open a MIDI Part the Key Editor and draw in the Notes using the Pencil Tool.

However reading your post I’m wondering if you actually mean MIDI Parts (the containers in the Project Window that hold MIDI Note Events) rather than Note Events. If so, the Pencil Tool in the Project Window will let you draw in new MIDI Parts on Instrument or MIDI Tracks.

So either way, use the Pencil Tool.

You are right Raino, I meant MIDI Parts.
Thank you for your help.

As you’ve discovered double+clicking on a Track within the Locators with the Arrow/Pointer Tool will create a new MIDI Part the size of the Locators. But you can resize that Part once it is created by dragging on the lower left or right corners with the Arrow Tool.

Good to know that. Thank you.

Sorry to revive this thread but for other readers: I’m seeing no one mentioned the Alt/Option key? It makes the cursor the pencil tool while pressed.

FYI: It is also the scissors tool if hovering over an existing note/event. Or creates a copy if being held when moving a note/event/region (when releasing the held object).