How to create programs with VEPro5

Here is my situation:
I have a VSL Snare drum patch on a VEPro slave. The Snare drum patch consist of several different drums, so on program 1 I have the standard snare, on 2 the field drum and so on.
But how can I create programs in Cubase 8.5 to reflect those names?
In the inspector section there are a field named programs, but how can I create a program list like 1: Snare A 2: Field 3: Snare drum ensemble, and so on?


You can create your own in Devices > MIDI Device Manager.

Install New Device > Define New. In the device itself, switch from Device to the Patch Banks. Here, you can define your own Patches (programs) and Banks.

Hi Martin
That’s right. Now I remember from the time where I was creating maps for my hardware.
I will try that!