How to create "Radio Buttons" with midi remote?

Hello dear Cubasers,
the insert effects of cubase 12 are really great. For guitar I like to use the “VST Amp Rack” with the many possible effects. The desire arose to switch the effects over a midi footswitch. Before I buy such a foot switch, I wanted to try it out with the buttons of the existing Novation Launchkey Mini. With “Midi-Remote” I manage to switch an effect on and off with a button. However, it doesn’t work to switch off a previously activated effect when switching to a new one. Is there any way to simulate “radio buttons” via midi remote?
Thank you for tips


You can control the parameters either of the active Plug-in or parameters of the predefined Plug-in slot.

Many thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I don’t understand what’s related to my question. Here is my question in more detail:

this already works:
Button 1 on : enable effect 1
Button 1 off: disable effect 1
Button 2 on: enable effect 2
Button 2 off: disable effect 2

When I press button 1, I have effect 1. If I want effect 2, then I have to press button 1 again to turn effect 1 off. Then I press button 2 to turn on effect 2. That’s too much “footwork”.

I would like something like this (“radio button”):
“Button x on” and “Button x off” trigger the same function(x):
fct(x) → disable effect y , enable effect x , y = x

In other words I want to execute 3 program steps with 1 midi event. And I would also like to use a “variable”.

is something like that possible?


You can go for the makeCustomValueVariable or the subPages.

var subPageArea = page.makeSubPageArea('subPageArea')
var subPageA = subPageArea.makeSubPage(subPageA')
var subPageB = subPageArea.makeSubPage(subPageB')
var subPageC = subPageArea.makeSubPage('subPageC')

// SubPage switcher:
page.makeActionBinding(subPageSwitcherButton.mSurfaceValue, subPageA.mAction.mActivate)
page.makeActionBinding(subPageSwitcherButton.mSurfaceValue, subPageB.mAction.mActivate)
page.makeActionBinding(subPageSwitcherButton.mSurfaceValue, subPageC.mAction.mActivate)

// Radio Button
page.makeValueBinding(radioButton.mSurfaceValue, enableEffect1)
page.makeValueBinding(radioButton.mSurfaceValue, disableEffect1)
page.makeValueBinding(radioButton.mSurfaceValue, enableEffect2)

Martin, thank you very much for your programming example.
I have to find a way into this programming environment first. Everything seems to be possible with that :slight_smile: