How to create Repeat-Endings in Scores with independent Barsequence

With wonderful support from this Forum I was able to use different combined Timesignature on both staves, of the Piano-track.

But it seems, as if this makes it at the same time impossible to use Repeat Endings, since they tend to simply jump to the very beginning of the Staves instead of staying with the last four Quarter Notes.

I have searched the Manual for Repeats and Repeat Popover, but I can’t currently figure out how to constrain the Repeat Ending on the last four quarter notes, no matter which bar has been in which of the Staves directly befor the Repeat-ending

But I need only the last four quarterbeats I marked.

See Big problem with multiple time signatures
If you need to play the repetitions i guess your option is to duplicate the flow and then write down (copy-paste) the sections to repeat.

Can’t you alt-enter the repeat just as you did with the time signature?
Selecting the barline and shift-B |:
I guess you would have to create one at the quarter note in the upper staff also.


edit: but I dont expect playback to work

I’m sorry i see now that you did not asked about playback.
Use the Caret (instead of selecting the notes) to enter the repeat at the rythmic position you want.

You are absolutly right, (even if the playback might be not reliable or even not possible), a solution, to get al least an useable Printversion would be exactly what I primarily need.

Could you help me what exactly you mean with “Use the Caret (instead of selecting the notes)” ?

I’ve tried to reproduce the bars with the repeats in your example. See the gif. I was able to select the last four quarters and insert the first repeat and it shows as expected but by selecting another bar i got the behaviour you’ve already seen.
I guess that has something to do with the place where the independent time signatures are positioned before the selection (i just copied the last bars of your example).
That with the Caret is irrelevant for this case, anyway you can see what i meant at the begining of the gif.