How to create repeats with text?


How can I create the “Text Repeat”…“Play 4 times”?



Select the repeat bar line, open the lower zone and in the properties set the right amount of “play n-times”


…free Text at the repeats is not possible “ad libitum” for example?

Not using this automatic feature, no. You can add your own system-attached text and make it right-aligned instead.

ok, Thanks.

… and use the “Wiederholungsanzahl”-paragraph style, to make it look like the “play n-times”.

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By the way, an „ad lib“/„vamp“/„on cue“ feature for repeats would come in very handy for music theatre scores!

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How to align such custom text with the end-barline? So far the best I have found is right-align it with a late beat in the bar and nudge it over. Inelegant.

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