How to create rests in divisi

How can I create an additional rest in a bar with two voices?
If I only write for voice 2, Dorico creates automatically one (see first bar)
But if I want to have this in the second voice, Dorico automatically deletes the rest and I didn’t find a way to make it visible. (I would have it here in the third bar instead of the low g… like seen on the second picture)

To press “start voice - Beginnt Stimme” doesnt help, dorico always automatically sets it back.

any idea how to solve this? Because the orchestra musicians already complained that this makes it very unclear for them how the divisis are organized…

Invoke the carat. Enable 2nd voice (V). Press <shift>B and type rest in the popover.

If this is a condensed staff (i.e. you’ve input this music on 2 divisi staves then enabled condensing to display the music on one staff) take a look in Notation Options > Condensing and > Rests.